March 2017

One post a year does not a blog make.. oh dear.  One of the biggest recent highlights  was donating a 48x48" grizzly portrait to the Audain Art Museum's first anniversary fundraiser. It was in the live auction, along with pieces by much more prestigious  artists like Gordon Smith, Guido Molinari, Paul Wong, and Martha Sturdy so I was pretty nervous. But happily, there were several bidders and it sold for 30% more than the usual price!

Point of View

Point of View


I am spending more time painting grizzlies as I feel strongly that they need our advocacy and protection. Many people don't realize that there is still a trophy hunt in B.C.  (I think it's disgraceful for people to shoot these gorgeous creatures to hang them on a wall.) Much better to promote photo tourism and allow many people to repeatedly enjoy the same bear . And it brings in more tourism revenue to the province. Their territories and routes are getting diminished and criss-crossed by logging and human activity.  I am the official artist of the Grizzly Bear Foundation and will be donating other paintings to that cause.



In June 2016 I was invited to be the artist in residence at Knight Inlet Lodge, a wonderful grizzly viewing floating lodge in Knight Inlet. It is accessible by float plane 25 minutes from Campbell River. I highly recommend it as a way to very safely but closely observe and learn about grizzlies. 

Below are pics of Bella, a mother of 3 cubs, teaching them to turn over rocks and find the grubs and other protein below. They are new cubs and all the bears are lean in June.  At the bottom she is nursing them on a beach after they were alarmed by something and fled up a tree. Very calm mom!

Kristin Campbell